Abraham Castellanos Mexicano Lover/Cheater

Abraham Castellanos

I want you to meet Abraham Castellanos “Abe” the self proclaimed Mexican Photographer Lover. I have known this manipulative loser for 2 years now and I can’t stand here any longer and watch him continue his ways. He cheats on every single person he has ever been with. He travels around the world taking pictures and posting on social media like his life is something out of a fairy tale or a prophet haha. I’ve never met anyone so full of themselves/full of sh1t and so manipulative in my life. One of his good friends told me he went on a trip backpacking and was sleeping with multiple woman telling them everything they want to hear then he takes off to go rendezvous with his girlfriend like nothing ever happened. Over the last 4 years he has had multiple girls on the go (me being one of them) and then lies and will say just about being anything to keep his web going with words like “we will be together forever and to wait and be patient” as he goes home to sleep with his girlfriend it makes me want to puke now. He is as manipulative as he is charming and I have now seen past the web of lies he creates. When he doesn’t get what he wants he gets mean like a fuking child. He says he is a Digital Systems Engineer, Trains people at the gym, professional photographer but In the end this loser runs a half a55ed construction company #wow. I can’t believe I slept with him he looks like a monkey. Get a real life Abe and stop pretending you are someone you aren’t. PS stop sending me d*ck pics Abe nobody wants to see it my girlfriends laugh at it haha.

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