Alexandra Claire – Cheating Druggie

Alexandra Claire

This little one let me tell you she will fuk you and then your best friend in the next room when your sleeping. She has fuked more guys then you could even think in the last 2 years I think she had sex with me then my buddy the next day and then his room mate. She will feel bad and fuk you for drugs or just cause she wants something you have and she don’t care about your wife age or who it is she moved to fort St. John so she can get away from dawson creek but I am sure she is sleeping with a new guy each day my buddy works at strippers and seen her there with a bunch of guys so I am sure you will see her around if so just make sure you rap it cause she gave 2 guys the clap and she is now a red head :-0 hope you know you suck in bed and you sure don’t look good under that makeup. She sent like 5 guys I know all the same pix and soon as she fuks you she stops talking to you or she will just try to get blow or anything from you tell she is on to the next guy.

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