Alysha Heppner — Dirty Gossiping Slore

Alysha Heppner

ALYSHA HEPPNER. Well there is alot to be said about this skeeez…. she legit has zero respect for anyone . Is selfish as fuk. Uses her poor husband its sad… really his parents have a bunch of money so whatever alysha wants she can get.. honestly they had a baby together and only reason she kept it is because it came with a free house she parties everynight… cant even count how many times she has cheated on matt poor guy deserves so much better then trash like her.. she went to vancouver slept with some rando from the club well matthew sat in quesnel watching over the children honestly though is this guy scared to be alone? Why cant he see what she is doing to him ??!!! Honestly shes a piece of trash acts like she is your best friend then is behind your back talking poorly about you honest ive had enough with this child being so gossipy because she is so bored and so miserbal and clearly hates her self… she does whatever she wants during the week and goes the church on sunday and prays to the lord to forget her sins no b1tch ….. thats not how shit works. Your 28 years old and have 2 kids yet your stuck in highschool grow the fuk up be a decent person a good mom and start being a good wife…….. because matt deserve alot more then you have to give sweet heart…

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