Andrea Farey — Comox Valley

Andrew Farey Comox Valley

Meet Andrea Farey from Cumberland, British Columbia. This harsh, very conceited broad wishes she was a supernatural creature and a dude. Everyone she meets just pretends she’s mythical and doesn’t exist. She’s not just a dude, she’s a shitty dude. Like the world doesn’t have enough of those eh? At first you think this creature is a nice but ugly as sin woman. Then you realize she’s an arrogant, mean, jealous ugly as sin woman. At some point you can’t even pity her because she really truly believes she’s better than everyone. And she’ll complain to you about her former friends so much you’ll see for yourself. Most idiots do. I’m not sure if it’s the Slurpees from 7-11 rotting her brain or just the fact she’s a giant child who won’t take responsibility for herself. Something in her life makes it sh1tty, and it’s her. She’ll blame everything and everyone else, but it’s not magic or other people. It’s stupidity and laziness. If you encounter this type of creature in the woods of Comox Valley there are some really good reasons to AVOID CONTACT; for one, she’s a totally sh1tty dude because she HAS DRUGGED and raped people. Someone that ugly (on the inside and out) only pays for it or takes it. She HAS and WILL do this again! She’s so stupid she has to do things the hardest way possible EVERY TIME. She doesn’t clean, she doesn’t cook and can’t even take care of herself. She’s so dumb she puts more effort into avoiding work than it would take to just do the work. She should never be trusted with any living thing. Convenient because no one does, and she has no job. She has plenty of time to drink Slurpees and listen to sh1tty music and drive around without insurance in a p.o.s. little car that’s falling apart and constantly running out of gas. She even takes shit little cars out into the woods when she’s drunk to 4×4. She either has to get pulled out by the same kind of redneck guy she sh1t talks (but acts like) or pay a shit ton of money to a tow truck and almost get arrested for having empties in her car and expired plates. She can’t handle even the simplest tasks but she has a lot of grand plans. And she’s obviously better than you! She must do drugs all the time to help her stay arrogant, c0cky and acting like she’s some kind of gifted, magical, beautiful fairy? Because in reality (the one most people live in) she’s a disgustingly fat, troll with a fuked up mouth full of crooked, gross teeth. Who shows up at the end of the night at bars and parties SOBER to creep on people. She waits till people (who usually don’t like her) are having a great time somewhere and then shows up and stares at them. It’s funny she’s a proud lesbian (ugh, way to set a bad example) and hates men and talks so much sh1t about guys. Then she literally tries to act like the worst guy ever. Of course she’s a liar too. You have to be when you’re her. She can’t be trusted to talk or act honestly. She’ll go to a music festival do acid, mdma, mushrooms and drink tons of booze then act fucked up and send crazy messages to people. Have sex with random women and men, not eat. Days later, when she sobers up she has no problem blaming her friends for her behavior and throwing even her best pals under the bus. Saying other people made her do drugs and other people took advantage of her. Because of back stabbing her real friends, and then not having friends, she’ll hang out with rapists, racists and meth heads just to have friends! Regular, grown, functioning people would never associate with her so she tends to look for garbage trash people. Then she can secretly think that makes up for her being one. Stuck in a ditch, pretending to be a witch, acting like a bitch. These are all things Andrea does for a living. Everything but hold an actual job, doing anything for anyone, for actual money. She’ll also tell you she’s a big time weed grower. She has never grown marijuana. She has killed EVERY clone or plant ever given to her. She can’t even figure out how to put them in the sunlight or water them. She can’t look after house plants, a garden or a plastic plant. Her mom gives her a house to live in and she can’t even weed the yard. Parks a ton of broken down vehicles all over the place. Places sht music loud at night and constantly hides inside because she thinks her neighbors are spying on her and give a shit about her. She basically ruins everything she touches, anything someone gives her and anyone who tries to be her friend. She doesn’t ever hold a job, just collects welfare and says she’s on disability. She does DJ so shitty that she’s only played one bar in town and never gets paid. And she got so high before her last DJ set she forgot a bunch of equipment. The only reason she was even asked to play is because a bunch of female DJ’s from her town were playing at another bar that night, but she wasn’t invited! Clown. She’s a giant troll clown who makes everything wilt everywhere she goes. One guy said she looks like a cross between a bad acid trip from the 70’s and a Muppet. You’ve been warned lol! Anyone who tries to help her will be fuked over by her. Anyone who hangs out with her will just get loser germs all over them.

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