Andrea Harrison — Rips off cancer victim

Andrea Harrison Rip Off Artist

All facts with evidence on this , Andrea Harrison aka Drea Fristy had a friend that helped her hundreds of times over the last 15 years as her ex employer , mentor. co signer ., etc. I am his legal advisor, i know where his money goes. He helped her buy a house, suited it out for her etc, and the bills eventually grew to over 9000 dollars. {all documented , with receipts) . When acquaintance began to ask for repayment as he is facing reconstructive surgery due to cancer treatment, she told him to ” fuk off” . She had seen her advantage at that point, and decided may as well keep the money to tend to her drug and liposuction habits, As I prepare my legal case against her, I have discovered she is a floozy, and an addict. A floozy well past her prime, and , sadly into the usual cycle of drugs and depression, weight gain, loss off attractiveness and subsequent loss of clientele. A bit tragic that she would stoop so low to rip off the only man that was always there to help her. I can only guess an ill thought out scheme by her pimp, time will tell I suppose.

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