Ariel Sutherland the pepsihead con artist

Ariel Sutherland

Ariel Sutherland [REDACTED] on Instagram is a Toronto export who likes to act like the stereotypical westcoast outdoors girl but it’s just a complete front. Girl sleeps in until 12/1pm everyday works like two shifts a week riding horses and gets random gigs working as an extra & thinks she’s a superstar on the rise. LOL pathological liar who has been scamming women into illegal sublets Vancouver for over 3 years now, she expects you to pay more than half the rent & you get a bedroom (she will go through and steal your property from when you’re not home) I had to file a police report on her after I confronted her saying I knew it was an illegal sublet: she harassed me, threatened me etc total psycho. Instead of returning half the rent and the deposit cause I left two weeks in… she waited two weeks to email me in the middle of the night with a bunch of lies and excuses of how I don’t deserve my deposit back and how I owed her money LOL When I saw her running her ads again on craigslist I decided to post an ad a warning people that she’s a con artist… former victims of her contacted me immediately!! More info here: [REDACTED] She was fired from her last job five years ago & is anti weed but LOVES GOING SKIING W HER NOSE! how does she afford renting a 2400$ a month condo? Probably borrowing money from her family that she thinks are lowlifes because they grow weed and live a simple yet HONEST life on the east coast… or maybe selling her body? Who knows, who cares, fact is she’s a pathological liar, drug using con artist. Plus the limited photos of her you can find online are so overly photoshopped and filtered to the max, it’s scary seeing her in real life esp wo makeup. Girl you conned so many good people in Vancouver, get yourself some botox n fillers!!! (Oops you prob wasted it all on wine, eating out & pepsi) Her own friends are either clueless on who she really is or are fully aware and are scammers just like her. Watch out for this narcissistic dirtbag!

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