Bashir Sumar And Salma Sumar Need To Be Exposed

Let me introduce you to BASHIR SUMAR (featured posing on the left) who worked for a small-sized carpet business owned by his brother Amir called Imperial Carpets & Rugs Ltd. in Richmond, BC. Bashir was swindling money from the company for years, stealing from his own brother and living the high life. He ran into serious financial problems after he was fired, and took his anger out on his wife Samla and his two children. He is extremely abusive and has a history of violence and controlling behavior. Both Bashir and Salma also took their son’s university student loan money and used it to fund their lifestyle and prevent their house from being repossessed by the bank for failure to make mortgage payments. Every month Bashir and Salma still make large donations to the mosque they attend in Richmond, BC from their sons student loan money in an attempt to maintain their image as a successful family. Which parent takes their own child’s debt and donates it to charity?! Bashir is a sad, pathetic, chauvinistic excuse of a human who needs to be exposed. This behavior has had serious consequences for his son, IMRAN SUMAR, previously posted on for preying on wealthy and young girls in the city.

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