Braden Roberts – Junked Out Goof

Braden Roberts

This guy is a tuna, He gets girls addicted to dope and get them to do his dirty work. He’s a privileged white kid with stupid rich parents but acts like he grew up the hard knock life way. Constantly going to jail for stolen cars etc and getting released in two days from ratting and rich parents/grand parents paying bail. He has robbed 3 people I know, gross way too while people are with there children, pretty much in the most vulnerable grossest ways you can imagine because he’s a pu55y. A bottom feeding He is a disgusting, manipulative, pathetic, drug addled waste of a human being absolute walking filth. Stealing from things like purses too sentimental worthless items just because he thinks he can. He is reckless and careless. He isn’t tough in the slightest just so dope driven he does stuff that seems like he would be nuts or tough until he sobers up and isn’t dope sick and comes crawling back apologizing with an excuse/ justifying why he did what he did looking so pathetic people let it slide and he immediately will try to rob you. Please spread the word about him he is a danger to women. I know 5 girls that constantly flock to him like he is the man when it’s just he feeds them dope to lure them in and destroys their lives to the point these poor girls steal from their own friends and family for him when he is sick. Catch him riding in a stolen Honda giving your girlfriends fent, ghb and dirty drug diddler drd. Have fun city of Surrey 🙂

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