Caitlin Mcneil — The Devil/Angel

Stunning at first sight, she really has a way of captivating the masses. ..or at least the 300lbs of Mass attached to the greasy salty old bastard whose c0ck is shoved balls deep inside Caitlins mouth for a quick 30 bucks because he couldn’t afford the 80 she would have charged him to stick it in her bareback while her ”fiancé” waits faithfully, for her to come running back screaming. “LETS GO! I ROBBED HIM!” she would say so her pathetic man would actually think the his woman was being the faithful bride to be he once knew.. (what a loser, like what does he actually expect? your woman is a no good Lot lizard, Whalley walking, Downtown east side cvnt of a bride who lies through her teeth And fuk anything between the sheets. dead beat junkie of a mom. who won’t ever amount to anything). LOL God has a plan.. ….Right??

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