Can’t be Trusted


This girl is Tsara. You will see her at every recovery meeting pretending to be clean but she’s still a dabbling addict that lies. This girl walks up to the front, grabs her sobriety chips, gets her cake etc and she still uses! I was told she was easy and it was true. Took no effort at all. She will act like she’s innocent but everyone thinks she’s a joke. Don’t leave anything worth any money laying around because she will steal it. I was warned she had sticky fingers but I found out the hard way only after she gave me the gift that keeps on giving. I should have known, [removed]  and now will regret it for the rest of my life. I just want to warn any guys out there who see her lurking at every meeting in the lower mainland to beware. She’s desperate, she’s so needy for money that she will smile then rip you off blind. I also found out she has a criminal record for stealing from people so don’t leave anything of value around her. She acts quiet but she’s very sneaky and conniving with a heart that is evil and vindictive. You all have been warned. She gives aborigional women a bad name. She is as fake as hell and she’s got serious mental issues. Beware!

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