Carmen Tse

Carmen Tse

Don’t know where to begin with this chick. She’s the fuking devil in slant-eye disguise. You can see, though, in some of her photos she’s got trouble keeping one open. She’s such a fuking evil DIVA, who TRIES to look normal and contain her hate towards any remotely beautiful looking person out there. You will NEVER see her post a photo with a pretty girl, because she wants all the attention. She thinks so highly of herself, it’s disgusting! And if you’re pretty and happen to be WHITE, you’re a target for her. SHE IS A FUKING RACIST! That’s why she has no white friends. People “feel” her evil vibe. She’s the most gossiping, jealous, hating b1tch, I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Look at her tweets, all she does is complain and breathe out hate. No wonder she got only 2 reviews on her business EVER, betcha she blackmailed them to get the stars. Worst thing? She works in the movie industry as a makeup artist, gets personal info from actors, then gossips them around. ALWAYS tries to hit on the good looking guys and ya didn’t hear it from me, but apparently she tried to fuk jim sturgess, after constantly drooling on him during work, but he’s a great guy and could see what a real cvnt she is. She used to do some background acting on her free time, to get laid (watch out for DRDs!), she could finally act like her true self then and unleash all the hate that she festered for her mua coworkers. She goes to fat loss center now to punch her hate out. May God help her current coworkers as she smiles at their face and rolls her eyes at them when she turns around! DON’T EVER HIRE HER! Apart from a stinking mouth, she’s got a two-faced stinking soul.

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