Christian Michael Lee Richardson Notorious Scam Artist

Christian Michael Lee Richardson

Vancouver, BC – WARNING-  “Christian Michael Lee Richardson” Men, and possibly ladies, but mostly men, BEWARE of this scum bag fraudster. Goes by Chris, and multiple other alias’. He has been in the news numerous times for fraud, and even did jail time as a result. He is a known scam artist, prays on young individuals he meets on Grindr and other dating sites. He is on probation but he is STILL trying to fraud people in 2021. He will ask you to cash fraudulent checks that bounce, ask you to buy him things with the money, and just lie about every single thing. He is still up to his old ways, and everyone should stay far away from this scum bag. He loves young boys, that’s his main target, fresh 18 & 19 year old’s, he is a total predator that should be in jail for life because he has not changed one bit. He is notorious for scams, he also frequents Calgary & Whistler. This needs to be posted, as he is STILL trying to scam people to this day. A quick google search of his name will show everything. He also goes on a website called rent men for male floozy.

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