Cory Seymour


I was just about to get into my car and leave the comox valley walmart last night after purchasing some groceries when I saw this Cory Seymour fella bear mace another man who had an arm full of groceries, right in the face. Unprovoked and very random. Cory had a small child and girlfriend in tow as well there were many other innocent bystanders children included that had to take cover from the spray. He them jumped into his car and peeled out of the parking lot, like a true hero πŸ‘ I recognized Cory right away. Funny looking dude shaped like a pear and balding. He’s a local tattoo artist that does garbage work. Also has a record for abusing women and doesn’t seem to care about putting children in harm’s way. He and his ex recently lost custody of one child when she was caught selling heroin out of her baby’s stroller. He likes to portray a tough guy image sorry bud but bear macing someone and then peeling off like a cowardous bitch is anything but tough. Guess I know where to go for front row seats of entertainment. The local Walmart never ceases to prevail.

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