Desiree Braun — Langley’s dirtiest slore

Desiree Braun Slore Extreme

Ladies watch out for Desiree Braun. She is a ratchet a55 hoe everybody knows. A tacky pepsi head thats in and out of the mental hospital every week. She doesnt care if youre married, all she cares about is getting her fix. She’s a broke a55 bummy sloot from Langley and always high off oxy’s. She was evicted recently and couldn’t afford rent bc of her oxy problem so she moved to Calgary with her mom. She goes back and forth from Alberta to BC to throw herself at any drug dealer who pays attention. this b1tch sabotages relationships cuz she has nothing better to do. She stalks men that wont give her the time of day and wont give up. Guys deny that theyre dating her to their core but she goes around lying that shes dating people. She’s a head. She’s destroyed two families, causing two divorces, and three abortions. She will do anything with drug dealers to support her addiction or pay for her rent. Dez, are you still dealing drugs acting like youre somebody? LOL She uses drug dealers for jobs, money, food and a place over her head and once you decide not to support her broke a55, she tries to ruin your name at any cost. She’s a con artist and lies to get her ways don’t be fooled by her sweetness! Consider yourself warned of her insecurities and physotic-ness. She doesn’t have a job and only working at opening her legs to married men and when your husband ends it with her she will crawl back days later crying about how hurt she is that he wouldn’t leave his wife for her when he made that perfectly clear in the beginning. Desiree you’re a junkie, a side piece, a back up, and a dirty secret. That’s all you ever were. Stop going after married men and maybe you’d find a man you can keep! Stay in Alberta you disturbed sloot!!!! Maybe invest in plastic surgery for your huge a55 nose and get a55 implants, so you actually look like woman. Stop paying for low budget lip fillers your botched lips make you look even more hideous and the drugs you are taking are making you age quicker!! Your a floozy nothing more and nothing less. She’s been tag teamed more times than you can count. Desiree You’re 28 and still living with your mom, no money, no car of your own, or ways around so you use men for a ride or money!! Get your life together!! Dont get sucked into her trap, once she’s done one night standing you and getting you to pay for all her sh1t, she will just go hop on another d1ck, stay far away from this low life fellas! Make sure you wrap it up this one’s contagious!!! Youre a loser Dez and will forever be one get off the pepsi/oxy and wake up!!!

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