Dez McGowan

Dez McGowan

I don’t even know where to start. The fact that this btch is obsessed with so many people and spends her days stalking them, watching them… finding ways to talk to them. Or the fact that she feels better than everyone else because she poses as a fake fitness trainer on Facebook. Stay far away from this one, the minute you send your “training fee’s” the minute she blocks you and sends the money straight up her nose! She buys bottles for underage drinkers and sold molly to yet again another underage child. Disgusting!!! She spends her days behind a screen calling other girls down, pissing in cups in the corner of her room while her bf who she started on coke, plays the game (: Cute how she thinks she brings people down but really no one will ever be as low as her. She needs help. If it wasn’t for the drugs she’d be pretty If it wasn’t for her hatred she’d be loved & if it wasn’t for the way she talks She’d have some Fckn friends XD Thanks to this “woman” lots of kids are enabled to coke, alcohol & she takes advantage of young boys!

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