Drey Blair — Lame Cheating Fool

Drey Blair

Let’s keep this short and to the point, this airhead with a peanut for a brain will cheat on any girl he’s with and sleep with girls like bro ain’t got standards. F’d over countless homegirls I know. In his free time boy just party’s n does shney. He wants to be a nfl player wannabe rapper (a very shitty one) at that. He’ll claim he different and thinks he’s special but he just anotha nigga falling into the systems tricks. tatted tryna do the same shit all niggas wanna do, his only goals in life is to get rich, famous and gain some sort of status like errybody body else. The boy is lame if you ask me. My guy thinks he the sh1t but you can see weakness written all over him. ladies steer clear he ain’t worth ya time. He’s built for fake airhead bimbo btchs

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