Emily Kim, Escort, Sugar Baby, Surgery Junkie

Emily is everything that is wrong with Vancouver Girls. She is average looking at best, but has spent tens of thousands of dollars from her assorted drug dealer boyfriends to try and look better. But she just ends up looking more scary every time she goes back under the knife. I worked for her family company for a few months and this chick is a nightmare. She’s a bitch to her employees and orders her boyfriends around like he’s a slave. There are tons of pics of her posted all over the net now, I think she fancies her self a high class escort or something. I can’t believe she hasn’t made it to this site yet, let’s change it.

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  1. I working for her family for many many years . Then she took over . One thing lead to the other. We end up in a relationship of sorts . It wad the best year of work over . In the end . I ended up fired sorta . But it was a shitu job . And it was worth it . She was the best most sweet girl ever . Does she love dick yes . But thats what makes her so amazing……