Gabby Bowser Your Tainted

Gabby Bowser

So this group of girls in salmon arm, they used to be my best friends since high school up until this issue stopped our friendship because of this drd infested skank. So here’s how it went. My friend had another kid making it so she has 2, and she had an illegal day care So I would everyday go and help her with her kids, coming up with ideas to do with the children, cleaning up her leaves or moving firewood . I was always good enough to help but never good enough to invite on outings unless I was paying. I would invite Lindsay out all the time, i even bought all of us dinner at Boston pizza. (Me her, her bf and her 2 kids ) So lindsay came home one day with her car fuked and she was saying how she hates gabby and how she took her car without asking bankable Time goes on and gabby moved in with lindsay. So did AJ, and they started dating . I retardly thought gabby might be okay. Then gabby and aj fought and broke up and the crazy cvnt took a bat to all of his windows in his bran new car, i always wondered why it got so bad. Turned out she was sharing her drds unknowingly with him. But lindsay never kicked her out or got upset So I figured it was equal ( I had no idea she had drds till her weed dealers woman came to my house to get her nails done and she spilled the beans) so this drds infested skank started dating the guy who owns the restuarant in the Prestige thats on the water right beside the warf in down town salmon arm . He is almost 40 and she is 20. That helps you see what kind of girl she is ! She tries to make fun of people and she talks tough all the time but will she come fight me so I can get my $130 worth out on her face

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