Haylee John

Haylee John

This girl has many fb accounts. She goes by Haylee John, Haylee Jones, Karma John, Karma Christine Shakur. Everytime she gets blocked by someone, she creates a new fb to stalk you some more. She is always high on drugs filming herself live acting Gangster being all wired out, her mom is always watching her daughter for her while she walks the streets getting drunk and high on whatever she can get her hands on. When she does have her daughter, she has random men coming in and out, including her own sisters baby daddy. She will sleep with you and then expect you to finance her life. Sending you screenshots of her bank account with only pennies in it so you will feel sorry for her and her poor daughter. She acts so wanna be gangster and thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, until she has hide when her drd sores flare up and her mouth starts to smell as nasty as her fishy smelling lady parts. Stay away from this girl unless you wanna live with life alerting drds and her harassing you to support her poor pathetic life..

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