Hung Pham — Aka JAYDEN

Hung Pham

This guy claims he’s 6’2 220lbs but realistically he’s 5’10. He’s active on dating apps such as TINDER his photos are usually his body and not his face because he’s so ugly to take a picture himself. I partied with him and a group of guys with my girlfriends a few weeks ago. Let me tell you this guy is the biggest pig rapist I’ve ever came across. I hooked up with him while I was intoxicated and later found out I was drugged with GHB. He rants about doing GHB all the time and he’s probably addicted to it. His buddies he affiliates himself with also do bunch of drugs and brags about drugging girls and hooking up with them. Girls I would be careful if you ever see him in person, he may seem nice but realistically he just want to drug you and get in your pants. His friends are no different from him.. they all have girlfriends but yet parties with random girls all the time and fuks and chuks them. When I talked to my girlfriend about him, she said the same incident happened to her girlfriend as well. He will drug your drink when you are not looking!! I’m sure there are MANY more girls with similar experiences. So ladies if you ever come across this guy, be careful! I’m in fear of my life because I heard he has herpes too, so pleas go get checked if your ever near him. This isn’t the first time and it isn’t the last! Be careful of this scvm bag! More people should be aware.

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