Jessica Bill – Beware Crazy Ex Wife

Jessica Bill

This WANNABE powerlifter is probably the most needy and pathetic chick you could ever meet. She thinks she’s strong and gives off this persona like she’s got her shit together but trust me, she doesn’t. my friend is dating her EX husband and the stories of her just being an all around hot mess make you understand why he fled as soon as he could. She hasn’t let up on them getting back together either, it’s been 2 years and she’s still needy and dependent on him. He moved back to comox to be closer to HIS kids (not her) and she barely lets him see them, and she probably puts crap into their heads about him hoping that by some miracle he’ll want to be back with her. And from what we hear she isn’t that great of a mother to begin with so it’s hard to not feel sorry for the kids. She uses her mental health as an excuse to be lazy and so she doesn’t have to grow up and be an adult. She’s insecure and you can tell it’s written all over her instagram. All she’s got going for her is a body, that’s unfortunately attached to a crazy person. So men take note, stay far away from this one unless you like needy, insecure women. There are reasons he left her, and those very same reasons are why she’s single still.

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