Jessica Kane

This is Jessica Kane aka the most miserable n ugliest clown in all of Canada. She spends every single day all day hating on younger girls while sitting in the bath tub in her own filth wit nothing better to do cuz she has no friends n her little loser Surrey bf SONNY NGUYEN is out and about cheating on her with native sloots. She buys and sends herself flowers n flexes it on Instagram Hahaha we all know NO GUY in ther rite mind would ever actually date her n waste a dime on her. She’s a starfish lay and can’t fuk worth sh1t so she hates on girls that can even though she hooks herself. She has the AUDACITY to bully n troll others on Instagram when she looks the way she does hahaha she claims she’s 28 but looks over 40 hahahahaha bish is whackkkkk.

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