Joe Laver Four Timer

Joe Laver SIngle Mom Scammer

Joe preys on single moms. Has the same story I love you and want to spend the rest of our lives together ( says the first week) Im a one women man …but like me you find out that no…infact he is a four woman looser. Like three full relationships …pkanning to move in with both?? He was sick or looking after his dad or working all weekend?? Nope he was with his new family in victoria or ladysmith or at a concert with her. Me Tuesday nights ( who he wants to marry in Ireland) and some thursday or friday nights unless he was ” busy or not well or looking after dad” but what he was doing was someone else on wednesday nights and thursday or friday? He sat and hung out with our kids saying he wanted to be a fatger figure yet…he doesnt see his own kids hmmm Then there were the girls that just ” hooked up” with him or he tried hard too. His exes tried to warn me ( although he still cheated on me with one, once? The only one i knew of ) Confronted …he denies everything yet i have spoke to so many pissed off used women who also didnt know but like me had a feeling. He would gaslight each of us so he could be with another. Then hed call after a day or too. ‘ hi love how are you doing? I missed you….’ He is a compulsive liar…sociaopath who lies to get his way without caring who he hurts including the kids. Some of the women are barely 20 he is 42. He is funny and charming but sick. He uses women to buy him things too. He will only buy very cheep gifts if hes working on the move in with you part. Be very aware he has no conscious. He lies 24/7

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