Katherine He – Little Hoe

Katherine He

I’ve known Kitty He/Katherine He for more than a decade and she needs to be exposed for the spoiled & rich brat she is. She has been rude and selfish ever since private school and hasn’t changed a single bit since UBC. She treats everyone who’s middle class like sh1t, doesn’t pick up her mess after herself or even throws a hissy fit in front of our friends. I feel embarrassed whenever I’m hanging out with her. She joined a sorority at UBC called Alpha Gamma Delta and it’s not surprising since she has the money to pay for friends, drink and pop molly, or sleep with the entire Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Recently she started a podcast called Takes Two to Twenty and if you’re reading this, it’s just an Asian version of Call Her Daddy. Aka don’t bother listening to it. One last thing, stop throwing up those stupid peace signs, you look dumb every single time you do them. Kitty He is nothing more than what her former nickname used to be… a litty h0e.

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