Kerri Ross – Danger to society

On the outside she is charming and friendly, quick to smile and quick to make you think you have a new best friend. But that’s just a mask that hides an emotional predator that takes delight in causing pain and suffering. Intentional, planned and deliberate right from the start – emotional abuse for her sadistic pleasure. And for that purpose Kerri seduced Darrel Hamilton from Salmon Arm BC, and strung him along in a fake online relationship and eventually dumped him when she got bored. On October 14, 2016 she succeeded in pushing him to commit suicide just like texting killer Michelle Carter did when she convinced her boyfriend to gas himself in his own truck. Darrel left behind a wife and two small daughters who will never know their dad. If you are in any kind of relationship with Kerri you have to break it off and go no contact. That’s the only way to protect yourself.

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  1. Kerri Ross lies about everything. She does not have a degree in biology or an MBA. She **tried** to get a degree but she’s got the attention span of a gnat and couldn’t do it, that’s why she likes to say “I have a **background** in biology and business”. She’s a total fake. She only wants a degree so she can feel important. She’s totally status driven and doesn’t give a shit about anything unless it makes her look good. When she couldn’t get a degree she did the next best thing and fucked her professor and turned him into her personal ass kissing slave. Right Carl?

  2. oh my fucking god. this b1tch and her pathetic husband Jason Grijzen tag-team guys just to fuck them up for sport. the both of them are pure 100% dark triad narcissists. perfect evil couple. yay kerri!

  3. How can you tell when kerri ross is lying? Her lips are moving. Kerri is a pathological liar. Normal people would be embarrassed if they said some of the shit that comes out of her mouth. she lies to make herself believe the bullshit fantasies she tells everyone. Oh, I could have been so famous and important if somebody didn’t let me down, if I didn’t have kids, if I didn’t have to take care of so-and-so. Fuck you kerri, you are a piece of shit.

  4. Kerri Ross tried to get elected Township of Langley councilor in 2014 and 2018 and failed both times. She tried to get an endorsement from IAFF4550 Firefighters by seducing the president of Hall #5. But that didn’t work, and she fucked up his marriage, and ruined his life. But that’s totally okay as far as she’s concerned, because she’s an evil b1tch.

  5. Kerri just got fired from her last job for being incompetent. Now she’s unemployed. Don’t any of you people think of hiring her. She’s a fucking train wreck and has never left any employer on good terms. She’ll embed herself into your HR dept like a tick under your skin so she can get dirt and gossip to use against people. She’ll get into romantic trysts with other employees. Stay the fuck away from Kerri fucking Ross!

  6. I used to hang out with Kerri at the Fraser Valley Makerspace. I thought she was really friendly but then I realized Kerri was trying to set me up with her husband Jason just so she could ‘catch him in the act’. That sick bitch! She wanted to make him feel guilty and use that to control him. I’ve since heard she’s done this to a number of people.

  7. Kerri once said to me, and this is a quote – “I hurt people”. She hurts people so that she can feel alive, because there is only a black void where her soul should be and she is dead on the inside. If you want to get some insight into what motivates Kerri I suggest you read this article by Sam Vaknin. After you read it you might gain a little sympathy for her, or hate her even more. Add your comments below, I would love to hear what you think.

  8. this post isn’t on the front page but it’s still getting tons of traffic. It gets a hundred hits every week. That means there’s a lot of people our there who know what I say about kerri is true. She’s a malignant narcissist. So why all you fuckers not doing anything about it huh? She’s a predator who destroys peoples live. Stop being so pathetic and do somthing about it instead of searching the web looking for gossip about kerri.

  9. Kerri owns the phrase “evil b1tch”. Just google it up and you’ll see all the hits are for our kerri! You have to spell it right – use #1 instead of letter “i”.

  10. I made the mistake of running for Township of Langley councilor in partnership with Kerri back in 2014. I found out later that she blamed me for our loss in the election. She said we lost because I’m Chinese. She can’t take responsibility for her own short comings and has to blame other people when things don’t go her way. Kerri Ross is a racist bitch.

  11. I’m a professor at Simon Fraser University and Kerri was a student around 2007. We had an affair and she got pregnant and had a mental breakdown. She kept talking that she was special and she was going to be a doctor and save the world and now she was trapped with a baby. She had to get therapy at the mental health unit here at SFU. I feel sorry for that sucker she married.