Lyndsay Erwin — Still At It

Lyndsay Erwin Behind

Dear Lyndsay, you still haven’t changed…33 years old and still crying the same sob stories about all her ex’s. Always playing the victim, this dirty skank spreads her legs for anything. She’ll fuk married men, her friends husbands and bfs cuz it’s all a game to her, she cares only about herself. Still doesn’t have her children back cuz she’d rather snort cok3 than stay sober long enough to even act like a mother. Men sleep with this one and you better get yourself checked out cuz that hole has seen a whole lotta dic*. It’s a sloppy used one for that matter and not worth the risk. Lyndsay your time is running up you’ll just end up a middle aged cok3 sloot with nothing better to do than to play the victim as you always do and will. Go snort another one

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