Manny Ranga And Violetta Perez Are Two Dirtbags!

Manny Ranga

This scumbag and his wife were going around every lower mainland Vancouver Cotsco store buying up all the Lysol wipes during this coronavirus outbreak and turning around selling it on Amazon for three times the going price under a janitor account they had created. Claimed they are ‘hustlers’ and have made over a hundred thousand dollars in a short period of time. Total SCUMBAGS. Claim everyone else is ‘doing the same thing’ and they need to pay 20 thousand dollars a year to pay to put their 2 kids through private school etc. Just trying to pay bills they claim! F **k that! Geez if everyone else is speeding their cars am I gonna go out and do it too?!?! What a bleeping idiot to think that way. There is now an online petition to have these dirtbags Cotsco memberships revoked and rightfully so. As well people tipping off Canada Revenue Agency. Karma’s a BITCH you two scumbags and hope you get what you deserve! Manny as well has a drug smuggling charge from back in the day as he was attempting to smuggle ecstasy from the US into Canada. Once a SCUMBAG always a SCUMBAG! Later!

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