Mason Doig

Mason Doig

Are you looking for someone to fuk up your entire life? Family, friends, career, and more? Get yourself, Mason Doig! Guaranteed suicidal tendencies after a few short months! Self-proclaimed “daddy” in reality acts like a child! Comes with a fuk ton of emotional baggage, lack of communication, flat earth conspiracies, trump supporting rants, and a child that he doesn’t support! I wish I didn’t ignore the first post when I googled his name. It would have saved me from a ton of heartbreak, abuse, and pain. This boy is a liar, gaslighter, manipulator, and narcissist. He is all words and no action. He will always place the blame on you, and never admitting his wrongdoings. It will always be your fault. He never says sorry. He wants you to call him Daddy but he acts like a fuking child. Here are some facts about him; he is emotionally abusive, a high school dropout, a flat earth-er, a trump supporter, a deadbeat dad, and a closet homophobe. He has tons of stories about his “crazy ex’s,” but is too ignorant to realize that he is the only common denominator. I hate these kinds of posts but I don’t want him to ruin any more women’s life’s like he has done in the past. Please be smarter than I was and steer clear from this fuking psychopath.

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