Quinn Klimchuk Women Beater

Quinn Klimchuk

Quinn is the biggest PU$$Y A$$ b1tch ever. ya he looks pretty tough but I bet no one knows the only fights he has ever been in was with women. Every gf to be exact, breaking the jaw of his one ex and slapping and hitting his other ex’s has got him feeling pretty tough these days. Truly scum, smoking w33d all day this low life slides on by from girl to girl abusing them and stealing cash from their wallets while they are In the shower and making them pay for everything while cheating on them. Still lives in his dads basement slamming roids, ripping lines of c*ke and was caught over a year ago looking at (black c*cks cumming) on his laptop sitting on the couch. This guy is a closet F*G! Hense why he thinks it’s okay to hit a woman. On a side note Take a look at how Small his baby hands are gripping the bong just the way he likes it. This los3r treats everyone like shit and makes constant poor life choices. Literally has nothing good going for him other then his roid raging gym life, Which is Mediocre at best.

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