Shelby Lee Ann

Okay first of all she has slept with everyone in town and leeches off of them to provide for her kid that she doesn’t even know who the real dad is and she uses constantly while having him in her care I’m not sure how she hasn’t gotten him taken away yet. But then on top of that shes a dirty slore and I know that first hand because she hung out with my boyfriend while we were fighting and broken up and then we worked it out the next day and turns out they hungout and made out which he told me about but that’s it but she told everyone they fuked meanwhile there were tons of people to say otherwise and she just did that to try to break us up to be with him, she also was even saying she wanted another baby the first night they hungout ugh! Watch out for this sloot ladies she has no standards whatsoever and she will probably try to steal your man

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