Tracy Cheng – Gold Digger

Tracy Cheng

Meet Tracy Cheng – like most asian girls in Vancouver, she will gold dig anyone she comes across except she’s special, she will make sure she gets all of it! She recently got engaged and lucky for her, this secures her financial shovel with her new hubby so nothing for her to worry about. Rumors have it, she took everything she can out of her past boyfriend and even took him to court to try to take more! Apparently from one of her past relationship she was so broken up, that she went travelling around meeting friends and being the slooz that she is, tried to find anyone she can get a nice night out of, but also plant her shovel. There is a video of her with two guys on PornHub, and it’s fascinating. She comes from Burnaby and sees herself as a gangster that knows some bad people, not a girl you want to cross! Claims that she hangs around “Billys Crew” – look it up, a real gang in Vancouver that is all over the news back in the days. She has ties with Billy Tran himself in Vietnam. Fair warning for any guys that meet her, be careful of your pockets! She has a brother that has moved to Asia because he was caught diddling with little boys in grade school. Apparently in the news as well, so he had to run away. Nothing wrong with gays, but touching little boys is a whole another issue.

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