Travis Trey Langridge

Travis Trey Langridge

Check this one out. This is Travis Langridge, he’s known for fuking his father Barry nieces ( his cousins) all up in the small country town invermere and Cranbrook. His brain is probably just as tiny as his little member that he likes to show all over dating websites ( yes, he’s that kind of a online guy.. the creep) where he (without Consent) posts sexual videos of him banging his friends online for others all over the world to see on a website called fling, just to get his 2 inch mushroom off and in the hopes of meeting the next person to spread gonorrhea off too. SPEAKING OF GONORRHEA, he’s not a safe person to be uhh… Active? With .. you get the point…. This little Pepsi head LOVES to beat on woman. Son like father? He beat on his last girlfriend so bad that he wouldn’t even let her leave the house. She had to run over to the neighbors for safety. Mild concussion, black eye, busted lip.. what kind of monster lays his hand on a female on general to cause harm? Clearly all the drugs and steroids ( WHICH DONT HELP HIS PHYSIQUE) He running around from Abbotsford watch out

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