Tyler Willard — Missions Finest Dirtbag Liar

Tyler Willard

This loser is Tyler Willard, hes been creeping through Mission his whole life. He constantly lies about being an ex pro soccer player in Europe, he has two kids that he has completely abandoned but brags to unsuspecting women about. He has a wicked drug and alcohol problem and his family despises him. He hasnt had a real job in years and although he throws money around usually it’s from someone he owes huge amounts to. Recently he has been dating a new girl in mission but is constantly trying to get back together with his ex. This poor new girl has no idea what a loser he is because his friends all pretend he is a good guy or just stick to bro code. First hand experience with him lying through his teeth to every girl this guy has ever dated and he has a laundry list of charges including recently being on probation for domestic abuse. I think girls should know.

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