Vicky Wang – Super Hot But….

Vicky Wang

What can we say this girl been on dirty many times before because all she does is go man to man trying to find someone to pay her bills. Its pretty sad that after all these years she still ends up on the dirty. Besides the fact she uses so called drug dealers for money and then when they go to jail she looks for the next one to pay her bills. She comes with whole suit case of baggage. If your lucky to fuk her and walk away with out drd you may only get warts on your d1ck hahah but if that don’t do it maybe fact she has ex husband who is known to the police may help you think twice about dating her seeing from what people are saying she rats on people to get herself outta trouble too hmmm great catch !!!!


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  1. This girl use to get fucked in bathrooms in East Vancouver lol . Now she got couple kids and has turned her life around I heard . Well see if its true I guess lol

  2. This girl use to film videos of her having sex with dudes all over vancouver. I heard she still on internet today under different names . Not much has changed

  3. This girl if fucked lol . She was the biggest whore in Vancouver for years all over the dirty DRD. Now I hear she all over news for weapons and drugs with her man. She use to go under the name savanna now its Nataliejade or something lol wash your dick with lysol if you hit this 🤣

  4. Omg i talked to this girl 2 years ago on chaturbate she is webcam girl haha I heard from all the chats online she is a whore is it true she had sex with a guy in east van bathroom some junkie 😵