Welcome Back Emily

Emily Kim Escort Gold Digger

Pretty sure I’ve seen this slut on here before. This chick is the ultimate gold digger. She was dating some old white guy and fucked around on him all the time. Then she traded up while still wit him by hooking up with some new Chinese gangster old whitey didn’t take it too well and started talking shit about her online. This sloot went so far as to trump up some fake charges against the old white guy to jam him up in court to force him to take down his posts. She then takes up full time with the Chinese gangster thinking she’s made a smooth upgrade. Rumor has it he got sick of her bat shit crazy bullshit and dumped her. No doubt this gold digging whore will land on her feet, might not find the golden ring she’s seeking but she always gets looked after. This chick has fucked over 100 dudes most bareback if you see this one coming hide your wallets and keep it in your pants. If this sloot hasn’t found her new sugar daddy yet she’s always up for some free lancing escorting check Seeking. You’ve been warned.

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