3 Van Dirty Musketeers

These three girls are living proof that crime does pay. Look at these sloots, pic on the left from 2013 and on the right same three girls (outside girls changed sides) from 2016. Notice all the surgery on them. Now carrying Chanel, Hermes bags and of course Valentio and Louboutin shoes. All three sleep with any drug dealer that smiles at them. They are known by first name in all the clubs in town and other than the middle one that’s married to a drug dealer the other two have done 200 guys between them. I guess if you’re into the rock hard bolt on boobs and plastic faces they might be considered attractive. Thoughts?

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  1. I worked for the kim family for many many years . Both of the kim girls are sweet . So I did get to bang both of them . At the same time . But Emily is a sweet heart . Good people. The brother is strange. But he is gay so . He is just different.