Alcoholic Chef

Meet Adrian Trejo. A real loser. He’s been plastered up here before for being a women beater. This time he’s up here because of his new recent arrest for rape. That’s right rape. The admired chef at black+blue rapes young little girls in his spare time. As mentioned this low life has 4 children all of which he has abandoned and spends his time drinking, doing m’th, cr’ck and C*ke oh and raping girls. His poor youngest son keeps getting told he’ll see his dad, and then has to be told, daddies busy, ya busy raping. Any of you girls out there that are fooled by this idiot. Well your exactly that, IDIOTS! That sweet, friendly fun guy you know at work is an act! He lives for the praises he gets at his job, thinks he’s a superstar chef. But the truth is he’s just mediocre and after 15 years in the industry still holds the same bottom line positions. One of his last bosses had to fire him for being nothing but a drunk wash out that never did shit. Sadly that’s all he can do, being an alcoholic and junkie. He won’t last long in this country, he’ll be deported soon. So seriously anyone that is fooled by this Psychopath is an idiot. Can’t say you weren’t warned! Oh and his next court appearance is November 16th, go ahead and see for yourself!

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