Alert to Landlords

Melanie Rent Scammer

This woman is known as: Melanie Wilkinson, Melanie Elizabeth Wilkinson, and Melanie Moxness-Wilkinson. She is a crook and a deceiver who is deliberately abusing the system. She lives in high-end apartments in Vancouver BC, never paying for her rent. She goes from property to property purposely and knowingly living without paying her rent. Due to our dumb system and Residential Tenancy Act she is able to go up to 6 months of living without paying her rent. She is systematic and she knows the Act, so she applies for Dispute Resolutions and if you apply, she files for a review, fraud and what not to prolong her stay at one place. It is such a shame as she has a son, Zach Wilkinson, who was a BC High School Football star receiving a scholarship from NCAA Division One to pursue his athletic skills, but having a scam artist for a mother will not get him too far. This is ALERT to all landlords there to NOT RENT to this person. She is a pathological liar and believes in all her stories, so she is in a desperate need to be hospitalized, and not let loose on the streets.

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