Anastasiya Dobryak

Anastasiya Dobryak

Meet Anastasiya Dobryak from Vancouver. She suffers many mental health issues and was provided lots of help by her friends and family but there’s so much they can do. She goes on Instagram trying to expose her ex best friends and her ex boyfriend simply because she’s to unstable to get over them and move on in life, it’s been months and she still keeps this up thinking it’s getting her attention when really she’s proving how unstable she is. She barks a lot of false accusations due to jealously which is really sad. She jobless but found a guy to provide for her for the meantime. She’s in and out of psych wards and needs to stay locked up for a while- she has no family support. This very poor, unstable, bipolar, girl needs lots of help, posting about your ex best friends and ex boyfriend isn’t getting you anywhere. Maybe focus on yourself and make up with your family, get into a mental health facility and leave everyone alone H0E.

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