Angela Tran Biggest scammer in Vancouver.


This is Angela of the Tran family. She’s so good at scamming others and when people confronted her. She attack them online and start gossip. It’s so funny that she and her skank sister said that I have a drug problem for 20 years and that I have bipolar and sketzo etc. But hay Karma hit home and that’s how his brother suicide. Due to the real bipolar and drug issue. Karma really is a b1tch. 2 years ago. This scammer scammed me for lots of money cause she told me to invest on her. But then after then she goes ohhh it’s not going very well. And then just never talk to me again. Without paying me back. And when I confronted her. She goes ohh I give you money too. But in the end her whole family are bunch of scammers. They actually said that they look for me in hastings. Lol. You can’t even find your brother in hastings. Oops he took the selfish way out. Ohh God. The reason why he did himself in is cause he scammed so many people and also ur selfish scamming family. Anyhow the last thing I want to say is that I don’t have to mention anything. We all know the victims to the Tran family. And the only people I feel sorry for is the people who donated 14k to a scammers funeral. Also. It’s more like a donation.

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