Arezou Lotfiazar

Arezou Lotfiazar

I wanted to introduce you to Vancouver’s Persian cvm guzzling dump truck, Arezou Lotfiazar. This girl is bottom of the barrel scvm of the city. The amount of surgeries she has had done on her face and body would shock you, especially considering she still looks like a clown. She even had her flabby vagina lips chopped off but unfortunately the surgery wasn’t able to fix the disgusting blisters and scars from her DRD. She is a known floozy who once fuked someone for $1200 and stole their Gucci wallet. This clown is currently dating a loser drug dealer named Jasko Demirovic and thinks she’s somehow made it in life because she got a couple of bags and a vacation out of him. She is known for creating IG fake accounts to hate on other girls in the city because of her jealousy and insecurities. She is absolute trash and will never amount to anything in life. Get a job or a hobby and stop living off of drug dealers you DRD filled sloot.

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