Paul Marlow – Cheating Scumbag

I met Paul Marlow at twelve west on Granville st. He invited me back to his place which was close to the club. When I got to his apartment I noticed he had women’s items in the apartment . He told me he was single. after a few minutes of chatting he tried to sleep with me. But he was having issues getting it up. AND when he finally did the sex was disappointing and for someone that is 6’7 he has a really small penis. I found out a few months after that he actually did have a girlfriend and that they were living together at the time. if I knew this I would have not slept with him. He is a dirty scumbag in my books. And to his girlfriend I am so sorry I did what I did. Paul told me you had broken up and was in the process of moving out. I hope you are not with him anymore cause you deserve better then that small dick asshole.

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