Child Welfare Case Kara Wright

Cara Wright Slut

This sad pathetic mother is names Kara Wright and is one of the biggest liars and crying wolf I have ever come across. She is constantly posting stuff about whats around our community but with her twist on it making it sound like everyone’s against her, and since she’s moved here it’s been nothing but trouble with her. She has 5 children with 4 different men and they seem to be poorly raised as her eldest son has been caught numerous times trying to get with 12 year olds on many occasions and he is an adult I believe he’s 18 or 19. Her other children seem like they are poorly parented as Kara is just looking for her next baby daddy or a pothead buddy to sleep with. Kara you’ve told us that your kids’ fathers want nothing to do with them when truly you keep running from them and lying to people who know you. You’ve even told us that all your kids have one father when your kids not only do not look like the guy you say is the father but your kids look nothing alike. We’ve also done research on you and found out you’re trying to live off welfare and child taxes with the help of your mother. We also not only see that your kids have different fathers but know your kids have different fathers cause blood don’t lie. Kara do yourself a favor and find the fathers cause when your kids realize that you lied about their fathers not wanting to be there or that the guy you say is their father is not their father. Everything is going to backfire at you and I’m sure going to enjoy it cause I will gladly help your children as I am a enemy sticking around to be friendly with you in sake of your children so they will someday know their real fathers. Keep you friends close but enemies closer 😉

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