Dr. David Zloty has a long history of sexual assault and of preying on young girls who were unfortunate enough to be his Medical Residents at the Department of Dermatology at [REDACTED] where he is a clinical professor. This scumbag abused his position of power to sleep with girls he was teaching and evaluating.. and he is married. His poor wife is locked up in the house while he is out banging anything that will have him in hotel rooms. He persistently tells his victims how attracted he is to them, how he fantasizes about them and sends them d1ck pics. They are forced to tolerate him because he runs the department and determines the future of their career. It looks like a few of his victims have had enough and are blasting him online already: [REDACTED] Let’s hope the institutions he belongs to don’t protect him against the long list of sexual assault and misconduct. This old dog has been running wild for far too long. He should also lay off the Botox, it’s not doing him any favors..

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