Karina Pry would you pay to unload in this dumpster?

Karina Pry

Karina Pry also known as Keigh Pry, Clementine Smithereens, and Charlee Beckett is Van city’s most vomit worthy garbage. She thinks she’s a musician lol but has to make her money by floozing. She’s so filthy you wanna clean yourself after even looking at her. I can’t imagine actually paying to have sex with her. She’s just a vector of drds and admits to taking more money from sad losers to not use a condom. She yaps off like she’s some kind of floozy hero. She’s really just a massive hypocrite. All she does is lie and fuk old gross men for drugs and booze. She smells rancid. Oh and did I mention her music is terrible? She has zero talent and spent so much time in music school to literally be…..nothing. Her dad must be proud. Typical Vancouver skank with drdss and likely drds. Someone toss this cvm dumpster into the pit where she belongs. Just because you dye your hair weird and ugly colors doesn’t make you an artist. Just desperate. Oh! She has “self care” tatted on her knuckles. Lmfao.

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