Kimberly Clowes

Kimberly Clowes

This Woman doesn’t respect her staff at work This Fat scum only respects food more than people. Spread the message about this Fat Pig.

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  1. This woman is very rude and Fat
    She stole my lunch at work.She works at CJ Brown Pool in Burnaby.Lets make her famous by telling people about her behavior.

  2. This woman is very rude and likes to disrespect people at work.Everyone look at her stomach its huge.She really does respect food more than people.

  3. Kimberly is so Fat that when she takes her picture she only takes the face cause she doesn’t want anyone seeing her Fat.But now the world knows how Fat and Ugly she is.
    Another thing I want everyone to know is she Farts at work a lot
    And it smells so bad that you can’t breathe.

  4. Kimberly always has to use the washroom at work ( number 2 )
    From all the food this Fat Pig
    Eats.Im surprised she hasn’t broken the toilet yet.

  5. Kimberly clowes is a Fat Pig
    Someone throw her a burger and some fries.Kimberly will eat the Food so fast like a monster lol.

  6. Kimberly works at a Recreation Gym
    And she still can’t lose the weight
    What a Fat Pig lol.

  7. Kimberly is Fat and ugly
    I’m glad I don’t look like her
    I’m slim with a nice booty.

  8. I’ve seen Kimberly clowes at the Swimming Pool, she does look like a rude woman and she is very very Fat
    Like a Elephant.I don’t know why she can’t use the Gym its right beside her office.

  9. I used to Date Kimberly
    I broke up with her cause she has a attitude Kimberly also has a smelly hole between her legs.Im glad I ran away from her.

  10. I saw Kimberly today and she is more Fat today,and if Kimberly has a problem with that she can say something to my face.

  11. I work with Kimberly Clowes
    And she is rude and a Fat Elephant
    Let’s tell the community what a Scum bag this woman is.If Kimberly wants to continue being a Scum bag then everyone needs to know about Kimberly’s behavior,
    Thanks for Reading.

  12. I know Kimberly and she is disrespectful,I guess her new name is Fat Pig lol

  13. Kimberly you should try going to the gym,its right beside your office
    LOL 😆 🤣 😂