La Vita Chantelle


This is Chantelle the ugliest almost 30 yr old self acclaimed model ever. This girl goes by “Lowliffe” and the name couldn’t be more suiting. She is literally the scum of the earth. She claims she is a model but flies herself with her stripper money to places like Detroit to “model”. No one actually wants to hire her because her cellulite is not only bad in the back but also the front. Most of us guys arent sure if she’s seen her rotten snatch in a while cause her gut is so big it hangs out of her outfits. She constantly attacks people for no reason and freaks out on anyone who won’t pay attention to her. This girl is a total leach and sucks Greg for rides to car shows. She claims to be a car girl but doesn’t even have a license !!! This girl just attaches herself to any car club and spreads her legs for attention. Go back to the Okanagan Chantelle. Men up there might like your flapjacks

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