Lisa Gisle

Lisa Gisle

This girl is the worst of the worst take it from me I was her best friend all she does is sit in her sh*tty house that is so dirty and treat people like trash, even her friends. She goes out of her way to spread rumors about people, she made multiple facebook posts about a couple people telling the world things that were totally private and partially not even true and she knew that. All she does is try to make people feel bad about themselves when in fact shes the one who should feel bad when all the things she posted were hypocritical considering those things involved her as well yet she made sure not to include those details when she decided to tell the world things that weren’t even true about someone else to make her feel better about the fact shes a fat slob who thinks the world owes her something because shes native.. I’m not racist but when you’re a welfare bum and all you do is drugs you do it to yourself. Lisa go get a job and take a shower and stop spreading bullsh*t nobody wants to hear it.

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