Michelle Clymo — Preys On Good Men

Michelle Clymo

I dated this woman for about 8 months, fell for her hard, she has multiple sclerosis so I did all sorts of research spend thousands of dollars to try and help this woman only to find out that I was the other guy, we dealt with it she was supposed to have blocked him and deleted him but no so.. I caught her with this guy three more times but me being the man I am I’m trying to be good and try to make something work spent money on counsellors and all sorts of sh1t to try and help this woman, none of it to any good cuz I just found her again with the same fuking guy that she’s been fuking using and abusing just like she did me I feel sorry for any man who ever comes across This Woman’s path

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  1. I also dated the conniving bitch if a woman, she cheated on my multiple times, kept begging for forgiveness

    I lost touch with her for sometime only to have her resurface asking how I was doing and wondering if we could spend sometime together, I immediately ran the other way which is what I would suggest ANY MAN to do that meets this one, run boys she’s Trouble!!

  2. I dated the whore as well, pretty sure im the one who she cheated on the person who posted this, I AGREE SHE IS A USER AND A LIER, SHE USES HER MS to gain sympathy from men, she hits it from her work and her friends, she almost had me convinced to take her to Arizona to try some cutting edge medical treatment for this “so called” MS