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Mikayla Richens

This is mikayla richens from salmo bc, her and her mom are quite the duo, they fck each other’s boyfriends! And then when Mikayla gets jealous she calls the ministry on her mom, and got her brother and sister taken away but her mom doesn’t even know that! Surprise!!!! This girl is dating Connor Mcblain, he also can’t keep a job and sells pepsi that’s cut with baking soda and rips people off, he also tells all his ex’s how gross his girlfriend is and how loose her pssy is, this btch right here used to fck John black in the pubside freezers well at work like the little home wrecker she is, she also is best friends with Jamie button who is mentally unstable as is the rest of her family, and cassy parsons, her boyfriend sends around pictures of himself to other girls she also didn’t know that! Surprise! This is salmos not only dirtiest 3 but the most discieving aswell if you look at there facebooks Jamie looks half decent but she’s actually 300 ibs cassy looks like spawk and as for Mikayla we’ll her tits are tiny she has the flabbiness of an 89 year old woman and they are all fukin gross keep your distance salmo!

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